Local Upholstery Cleaning Service In West Bromwich

Many Professional Upholstery cleaning services will tell you it can take three to four hours depending on the size of the sofa, fabric types, the number of cushions and of course the level of soil and stains. We can do it within half that time dependant on these competent.

Before any domestic or commercial upholstery cleaning is undertaken we inspect all surfaces as there are many different sizes, types and fabrics. Some upholstery fabrics can be water or chemical sensitive, this is one of the reasons we carefully examine all fabrics. Our examination also allows us to look and identify the fabric type, any spots and stains that maybe problematic, this will allow us to give our customers an exact and fixed quotation.

C A Cleaning Services

Our upholstery cleaning process involves protecting your carpet or hard floor using a waterproof tarpaulin against any over spray of the solutions used. The furniture is then placed onto the tarpaulin and if needed given a thorough pre-vacuum before the proper wet cleaning.

Depending on the fabric type the cleaning chemical or solution are pre-sprayed onto the fabric and allowed to dwell, using our specialist upholstery brush the solution is worked into the fabric breaking up the soil bond.

The solution and dirt is then rinsed out with clean hot water using the hot water extraction machine and a specialist upholstery tool, which leaves the fabric slightly damp but not soaking wet. Clean white terry towels are used to remove any excess moisture and the we apply a turbo drying systems that reduces the drying times considerably.

We always state to allow at least 24 hours for the suite to completely dry out on it own with the aid of the home heating system prior to use, most fabrics dry a lot sooner than 24 hours so there is no need to worry.