Leather Sofa Cleaning Just What your Sofa Needs

Leather Sofa Cleaning, Do you recall the first time you got your beautiful leather sofa, remember that soft and smooth feeling, that smell of a new leather, that spotless look. 


But now, maybe it might be looking tied, dull and lifeless.

No need to worry about it, it might be that its in need of a bit of tender loving care that’s all, some attention shall we say, you will experience all that again once it’s been maintained, so that true beauty can come forth and show itself once again.

We first remove all items resting on the furniture, than give it a thorough vacuuming in between the small spaces and joints, next a leather sofa cleaning product is applied to remove the build up of all soilage and stains from the top surface of the leather. This work is completed by hand to ensure that your valuable leather furnishings are treated gently and with respect.

Give us a call right now and enjoy your leather sofa again.